Ulysse Sabbag

I’m a UX designer and the founder of Kuma Studio. I have been playing around with software for 10+ years with 5+ years experience making user-centered products for clients and entrepreneurs.

To me, UX is “how it works”, it is the collection of decisions — layout but also audience, architecture, code — that form the experience people have of the product.

I take cues from extensive user research, real-world observation, knowledge of the cultural currents underpinning how and why people use the products and ample reading of psychology.

I have been reading and blogging about tech/design since 2007, in some form or another. I curate my news reading into a weekly newsletter named Sundry (see past issues for an idea on topic variety). I also blog more personally on Micro.blog.

Contact: ulysse@kumastudio.com

Present interests: contemporary funk/jazz, political localism, food delivery, online media business models, Bayesian probabilities/ergodicity. Thanks for stopping by, see you on the road!