Ulysse Sabbag

For the past ~12 years, I have been curious about technology and design.

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I believe that well-designed software—inclusive, intuitive, tasteful—can be good for everyone. But I stand wary because a lot of consumer tech is snake oil.

I am currently cooking up a new venture in Paris, France related to food delivery.

I also advise companies on their design+strategy and make small investments to help them grow. The last being FlyToJPN.

Previously, I was running Kuma Studio, a UX design agency. Clients included Belin Éducation, Poilâne and a number of startups.

Even before, I used to make my own apps, like Loop. I built a couple of other native and web apps that I'm too ashamed to share here.

It all started when I discovered in 2007, when I my laid eyes on the iPhone. It made me fall in love with it all.

I started blogging—watch me give a TEDx presentation about it—and I'm still doing that today in the form of the Sundry newsletter. It's a distillation of the 70+ eclectic sources I read every week. (I love RSS!).

Otherwise, there is an archive of my posts from 2016-2018 here.

I also enjoy cooking for my friends, playing music and discovering ways of thinking.

Are you building something? Need fresh eyes on a design? Just want to say hi or anything else? Hit me up: u@ulysse.xyz.


Manufacturing ideas since 2007. Thanks for stopping by, see you on the road.