Sundry: Van Gogh fame, depressed kids, escape rooms, being productive, Apple Card

Excellent, original productivity tips and tricks from someone (Alexey Guzey) who spent a lot of time thinking about it. The first bit is about what to do if you’re unproductive right now. It’s good —

Escape rooms are about escaping reality. They are odd: “it is weird to gather in a themed room for an hour to unlock combination locks in a high-stakes situation that matters not at all.” Yes but they are cool, aren’t they? History and theory of escape rooms, courtesy of Rachel Sugar, for Vox —

How to find your artistic voice and be true to yourself as an artist —

Would you go to a restaurant where your order will probably be wrong? That’s the premise behind the restaurant of mistaken orders, in Tokyo, where all waiters have dementia. They say the food is good anyway. So it’s not a problem —

On hammocks, their history and their greatness —

Why are kids so depressed? The numbers are dreadful. Is it food or screens? Is it education, as per the Pink Floyd? Or is it a lack of communal structures to help parents with child-rearing, as Kim Brooks argues? We’re putting a lot of pressure on kids and they’re not happy about it. More play please! —

Why are mountain roads curved and not straight? Spoiler: follow the donkeys —

Societies with subsistence economies might use sharing as a risk-buffering function. Less true for societies that have other means of getting food such as animal husbandry or external trade —

How did Van Gogh become famous if he only sold one painting during his lifetime? —

Curated technology links

People at Linear Labs are trying to reinvent the electric motor —

Extraordinary 1:30 long conference by Jean-Marie Hullot, the man who invented Interface Builder (used to create user interfaces on Macs by every developer) and who whispered to Steve Jobs’ ear that Apple needed to create a phone. We know what happened next —

Uber and Lyft take more from their drivers than they say —

Why do some indie video games look like bad? —

 Thoughts on Apple Card by Jean-Louis Gassée: how vs. what —

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