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I'm a French & Lebanese UX/product person with 6y+ experience. I focus on product strategy, UX research, and interaction design. I believe talking to your customers is the shortest path to creating engaging software products. I am based in Paris, France.  

Ever since I first saw the iPhone and iOS in 2007, I have been interested in interface design, as I see it as the meeting space between design, psychology, and technology. 

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iOS · 2M€ seed · todos and calendar for salespeople · research


It's still unreleased! I delivered actionable findings from a week-long series of early-on interviews to better understand the users' mental models and inform product strategy. 


In about a week, Ulysse’s research provided actionable insights that greatly helped us define product strategy in the crucial early days. His product culture and original thinking made this collaboration a very pleasant experience!

Lara Khanafer, CEO,


web · digital textbooks for High School · research, strategy, ux


Belin has been selling educational books since 1777. In recent years, they have decided to launch a digital textbook to simplify the job of teachers. We started from scratch and co-created this product with them. 


Our subject was complex. Ulysse has a talent for simplifying the complex by identifying what users expect and transform these insights into an intuitive service. He is “user-native”. 

Fabrice Bertocci, CMO, Belin Éducation




  • Writing about technology is what made me want to become a designer: I gave a TEDx talk about this during my time studying Philosophy, Politics & Economics at Warwick University.
  • I give talks about Product Design and UX Research: at NUMA Paris, for Neoplants. More coming soon. 
  • I cofounded Beirut Re–Store and Lebanon Corruption Facts.
  • In my spare time, I am an amateur cook and guitarist.