Interesting Siri wish list by Alex Layne over at GigaOM.

This made me remember that Siri is a beta product — meaning it’s not finalised yet. To make any product successful, you have to start small, simple and not overcrowd the first version with a lot of features. But when this new product is a defining feature of one of the most popular phones in the world, there is a problem. People will start screaming: why can’t it do that? or this? 

That’s Apple’s gamble. Siri will not be complex at first even though it will lack basic functions like answering questions about the iPhone. (You can’t ask Siri how much memory you have left.)

Hopefully time will help solve this problem quickly, because a company like Apple can’t have half-baked products for long. Ultimately, it will damage its reputation. 

Alex Layne’s Siri wishlist:

1. Show me more than just restaurants and movies.
2. Answer questions about my device.
3. Change my settings.
4. Remember what I said (history)
5. Learn other languages.