Quora aims to allow anyone to easily share their knowledge and in the process to dramatically increase the total amount of knowledge available to the world. As we grow, we will be able to provide larger and larger audiences to writers, cover more and more topics, and have greater and greater impact on the world. We hope to become an internet-scale Library of Alexandria, a place where hundreds of millions of people go to learn about anything and share everything they know. To do that we are going to have to expand. Today Quora is largely questions and answers, but that is not the ideal format for all knowledge. Other formats will gradually be added as we scale up.

This is what Adam d'Angelo, CEO of Quora had to say about his company’s future. 

Quora is moving away from focusing solely on Q&A. Wild guess: big redesign in the first half of 2013, bigger emphasis on Quora Boards, (d'Angelo created one that he calls his blog) arguably the best feature of the service.