#5: “We do a lot of stupid things in foreign policy. Get used to it.” Everyone knows that U.S. policy toward Cuba has been a failure since the early 1960s – that’s half a century, folks – but it never changes because the stakes don’t seem worth it and it would tick off a handful of influential people in Florida. Everyone knows the foreign policy side of the “war on drugs” has been no more successful than the anti-drug campaign here at home, but you didn’t hear Kerry say that during his hearings last week and you won’t hear Hagel (or anyone else) say that either. Everyone knows that most U.S. allies around the world have been free-riding for decades and taking advantage of our protection to pursue their own interests, but saying so out loud wouldn’t be … well, diplomatic. More and more insiders know that the Afghan war is a loser, but we’re going to pretend it’s a victory because that makes it getting out politically feasible. It’s obvious that our basic approach to Iran’s nuclear program has been misguided, and that we’ve spent the last two decades giving Iran more reasons to want a nuclear deterrent and digging ourselves into an deeper diplomatic hole. But don’t expect officials to acknowledge that simple fact, and certainly not in public.

What if foreign policy officials suddenly told the truth?, some funny answers there. 

An article by Stephen Walt for Foreign Policy. The link goes to the cached version of the article.