So, she did the unthinkable. She broke through the screen. ‘One day, between takes, I left my green room, and said: “I want to see Reynolds.”’ She laughs as she remembers it. ‘The first [crew member] said, “Oh, no, no, you can’t.” But I kept walking. And then I walked past a few others who said, “No, really, you can’t do this.” But I’d had it up to here. Finally, I got to the door of his green room and knocked. I didn’t know what would happen. Would I be screamed at?’

Happily, no. ‘He opened the door and said, “Alma!” And we had tea together and a lovely conversation about music and Virginia Woolf. From then on, it became a regular thing; we would meet between takes, in character, and just… talk.’

It's a great movie. 

[Source: London Evening Standard]