Facebook's design team


A thorough piece on Facebook’s design team by Alexis Madrigal for The Atlantic. Facebook is stacking up design talent in quite a hardcore mode:

The company clearly sees designers as a key to its future. Just look at how many they’ve snapped up. The spree began in June of 2011, when the company picked up Sofa, an Amsterdam-based design studio. Then, in August, they bought Push Pop press, which was seen as an acquihire of designers Kimon Tsinteris and Mike Matas, who designed several of key pieces of the iPhone interface. The next month, Maschmeyer joined up. In December, Facebook bought the check-in service Gowalla, largely for its design team. 2012’s haul got started with Elizabeth Windram, who helped design Google Search and was lead designer for Google Maps. Rdio’s head of design, Wilson Miner, was the next designer to fall in May of 2012, followed closely by the acquisition of the design research firm, Bolt Peters. In July, Justin Stahl, creator of The Font Game, came on board. In September, design researcher Marco De Sa came over from Yahoo. And finally, last month, Facebook bought Hot Studio, a design agency that had been independent for more than 15 years.