A better Discover for Twitter


The idea is that if you don’t check Twitter frequently, once you come back, Discover shows you the most important stuff on Twitter itself but not on your Twitter feed. You should be able to see what is most interesting/important in your Twitter feed. 

Mat Honan for Wired:

Discover needs to get far better at surfacing the most interesting things from your own timeline that happened since you last looked at Twitter. Imagine if instead of showing interesting things from all around Twitter, Discover focused on your own timeline and showed you the most interesting and important things since you last checked Twitter. It could display the tweets by people you follow that were the most retweeted and the most favorited. It could show the links that came up the most often over the past hour (or two hours, or four hours or whatever) on your timeline, or that had people talking. If two or three of the people you follow message each other back and forth for multiple tweets, it should put that conversation in front of you, starting with the first tweet (especially if more people join in).