Japan firm seeks to spawn salmon farm revolution

    The company's process is two-fold: first, simple tap water is converted to seawater by adding artificial sea salt, which allows the farming process to be set up anywhere tap water is available.

    Second, a patented technology involving bacteria cleans the water, consuming the ammonia produced by the fish, and dissolving nitric acid, meaning energy-sucking cleaning systems are not necessary.

    "We'll be the world's first successful case for this type of land-based salmon farming if we can turn a profit," Sogo said.

    The process was born out of technology developed by Sogo's company for sewage disposal systems.

    In 2008, they developed the breakthrough bacteria technology and the following year it was being used at an aquarium in Tokyo, at which point Sogo realised it could be used for salmon farming.

    Rendezvous next year to see if Sogo made it. 

    [Source: AFP]