Watch a squirrel take a GoPro and film away



    12 films that have 'perfect' cinematography (according to over 60 critics)

    Here's the list, from No Film School:

    • Days of Heaven (DPs: Nestor Almendros and Haskell Wexler)
    • Barry Lyndon (DP: John Alcott) 
    • 2001: A Space Odyssey (DP: Geoffrey Unsworth) 
    • Citizen Kane (DP: Gregg Toland) 
    • Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (DPs: Karl Struss and Charles Rosher) 
    • The Conformist (DP: Vittorio Storaro) 
    • The Red Shoes (DP: Jack Cardiff) 
    • McCabe and Mrs. Miller (DP: Vilmos Zsigmond) 
    • Night of the Hunter (DP: Stanley Cortez) 
    • Apocalypse Now (DP: Vittorio Storaro) 
    • The Magnificent Ambersons (DP Stanley Cortez) 
    • The Tree of LIfe (DP: Emmanuel Lubezki)

    And here's a video showing excerpts from these films. You should probably watch them all, I know I will. 

    “Her” raises two questions that have long preoccupied philosophers. Are nonbiological creatures like Samantha capable of consciousness — at least in theory, if not yet in practice? And if so, does that mean that we humans might one day be able to upload our own minds to computers, perhaps to join Samantha in being untethered from “a body that’s inevitably going to die”?
    Some real-world research on artificial intelligence.

    What would Christmas morning be like if Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick or Woody Allen filmed it? 

    Merry Christmas! 

    Watch Godard’s film of the birth of Sympathy For The Devil by the Rolling Stones. 

    You must understand that without the French toast I am no good to the cast and crew. And I will not eat the French toast if it is not prepared the right way. If I do not eat the French toast, my blood sugar will drop to precariously low levels, and I will be groggy and unable to make the necessary split-second decisions a director has to make in order for a film to be successful. Therefore, it is essential that you understand something about the French toast: it is not only my breakfast, it is the film.
    Stanley Kubrick gives guidelines to the new guy who makes his French toast.

    This is a North Korean propaganda film exposing Western propaganda. 

    Here is its story:

    Sabine is a YouTube user who, during a visit to family living in South Korea in April of this year, was given a DVD by a man and a woman claiming to be North Korean “defectors”, and was asked to translate the film so it could be posted on the internet and reach a wider audience. What the DVD turned out to be was something much more than Sabine, or anyone else, probably would’ve imagined, and something that certainly has found a widespread audience on the internet over the last month or so – it was a film called “PROPAGANDA”, a documentary about capitalism, imperialism, mass manipulation of western culture for the purpose of commodification, and how it permeates every aspect of the lives of blissfully ignorant, borderline zombie masses.

    Read more here.