why was the bra cut off the body? Were Knox and Sollecito on hard drugs? What were the couple up to at six in the morning the day after the murder? What was the mop for? (Sollecito mentioned the spill in a phone call to his dad at 8.40 on the night of the murder – it must have dried out by the morning.) What kind of man covers the body of the woman he’s just murdered with a sheet, then goes and takes a shit and forgets to use the flush?

    Nothing fits is a long and thorough piece by Nick Richardson for the London Review of Books about the murder of Meredith Kercher by, supposedly, Amanda Knox and her Italian boyfriend. Read it, and you’ll know everything about this story. 

    This story is quite literally amazing—because of the youth of the people involved in it and the mysteries that still linger on—and is surprisingly more complex than fiction thrillers. Where are you Sherlock?