Screw Philosophy. How does it all really work?

    Lazy Philosophy is a blog which attempts to make philosophy entertaining as well as intellectually satisfying. Until now it has worked very well and I read it every single day. Today, the writer makes a worthwhile detour and talks about String Theory. 

    String Theory supposedly tell us that the most basic particles of the universe aren’t quarks but tiny strings of vibrating energy. Check out the video, it’s worth your precious time. 


    Here at Lazy Philosophy we do enjoy the occasional philosophical epiphany that a great text can produce. But scientific vulgarization also has a great ability to blow philosophical minds by taking them into the secrets of our Universe.


    Don’t be put off by the childish form of the video, because that bearded guy will blow your mind for certain by taking you into the microscopic world.   


    However, if you want the full experience, watch Brian Green’s Elegant Universe  documentary about the evolution of our understanding of the Universe from Einstein to String theory. You will come out a changed human being. 

    Here’s a taster from the first part; and it only gets better.