Shared spaces: getting rid of road signs might make traffic safer


    From Kottke

    Vox and 99% Invisible take a look at the movement to remove signs and traffic lights from traffic intersections in favor of building “shared spaces”, intersections in which cars, pedestrians, and cyclists are equally free to roam.

    Linguistic landscapes of Beirut

    A neat project from AUB mapping the different languages used in Beirut's neighbourhoods: 

    Imagine a city where you don’t drive in loops looking for a parking spot because your car drops you off and scoots off to some location to wait, sort of like taxi holding pens at airports. Or maybe it is picked up by a robotic minder and carted off with other vehicles, like a row of shopping carts.
    I’m first in line. Driverless cars will indeed mean a lot for the cities of the future.