Hello world, again!

Warston starts anew once more, with a new design that won’t be temporary. I chose it so it would be clean, easy to look at, simple enough so the focus is on the content only. 

We’re getting back to the basics here. Warston is not meant to replace a full-blown newspaper in your daily reading. It’s a news blog with articles, links, images and videos about technology and innovation in general, current and major national or international events and some selected bits from the web’s inner world. 

Let’s be honest, the selection of news is purely personal. But as I pick and publish here, I will try my best to provide noteworthy news. That’s the deal.  

Warston wouldn’t be complete without contributions from talented young writers. So expect some nice and smooth features from time to time. 

Here is Twitter for a stream of the blog and interesting pieces from the French press. 

I hope you enjoy it,