Ok, this is another post about the iWatch in a relatively short time span. Sorry for that readers who are not interested in Apple. 

But take a look at this presentation above, made by David Galbraith. There are some really interesting potential uses for the iWatch. 

The first is that it won’t look like a classic wristwatch but rather like a rubber wristband. We know that Apple is investigating flexible displays for iPhones and iPads; what about the wristband? 

Authentec, a company Apple bought in July produces small fingerprint sensors

So… What can you do—or shall I say, disrupt—with a flexible display on your wrist which only you can authenticate? 

Purchase goods physically and on the Internet - with the most secure authentication possible. As Gary Williams puts it on Quora, fingerprint recognition would allow:

1) The presence of a personal device registered to the individual.

2) The location of the device recorded at the time of the transaction 

3) The biometric recognition of the individual present and giving their authorisation recorded at the time of the transaction

This three-way lock would be significantly more secure than anything we use at present. All sorts of fraud, identity theft and hackery would be not be possible with this sort of technology.

Kill passwords - login to Facebook, or your iPhone, or your Home with this device. 

Display messages, tweets, headlines.

And more