Sundry is a list of unrelated but interesting links, about 7 of them, sent every week. It is a distillation of what I read (80+ hand-curated blogs through RSS, for the last 12 years).

Curiosity Satisfaction Guaranteed™.

Some example topics:

  • Why Hemingway suddenly started to write short sentences
  • How Facebook’s stickiness can be attributed to Zuckerberg understanding René Girard’s idea: mimesis
  • Why we’re not hungry when we’re heartbroken
  • The surprising way actual parrots use Amazon Alexa
  • Chesterton’s Fence: just the fact there doesn’t seem to be a reason for something to exist doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason

Sundry’s stories are eclectic in nature but they are all sewed with the same thread: feed knowledge to our curious minds and understand the reality underpinning how the world ticks.