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Belin Éducation

UX Research · UX Design

Fly To Japan is an iOS app that helps students focus away from social media. Select a duration, turn on Airplane Mode, and get on with your work.


Selected Works

Explorataweb · experiment · visualize crispy Messenger data

KaraiOS · client · €2M seed · todos and calendar for salespeople

Fly To JapaniOS · client · gamified focus for students

Belin Éducationweb · client · digital textbooks for high school

Wingzyweb · client · skill-focused HR directory

Swaeweb · client · collaborative ideation platform

Poilâneweb · client · eshop for world-renowned bakery

LoopiOS · experiment · private & shared photo albums

ColumizeiOS · experiment · link-focused microblogging

NotaiOS · experiment · minimalist todos & notes

Qumblrweb · experiment · Tumblr image search