On the fallacy of statistical significance study and the Bayesian approach to probability. Please read this and change your understanding of probability forever. It's long but worth it — nautil.us

On the origin of the banana peel comic device — atlasobscura.com

The U.S Navy will return to mechanical controls (instead of touch screens) inside their ships. The people who decided that touch is a good interaction model for driving vehicles must see for themselves if changing AC in a moving car with touch screen is at all possible. And, upon the realisation that it isn't, they must be sent to that special place reserved to people who overdesign microwave ovens — usni.org

The 100 best movies of the last decade, according to Indiewire — indiewire.com

Some vegetarians are turning into butchers. The focus is on using the whole animal and selling less. This method won't meet the current demand but it begs the question: is the problem eating meat or the demand? Should we just bow to it?  — nytimes.com

Streaming online pornography produces as much CO2 as Belgium — newscientist.com

There are troubling truths with mindfulness. Two main takeaways. One is the commodification of it (oversimplifying the complex undertaking of understanding ourselves, as meditation has become a quick-fix like watching Netflix). The second is the conflict between the Buddhist idea of no-self and the Western tradition that there is indeed a self, which is expressed in the “I”. Interesting — aeon.co